the essence of things not seen - cd

I actually never planned to do a CD. But, God put Cynthia Johnson and her monther Lois in to my life and all that changed. Cynthia, a talented musician you may remember for her hit single, "Funky Town" was also a believer. Her mother lead an awesome Bible study I attended for a number of years. Most of the lyrics on this CD can be attributed to her teachings. Cynthia saw potential in my music and told me that God would use it some day. I appreciated the compliment but I couldn't see how that would happen. It's a good thing God sees things differently. She gave me the name of a producer, Dik Shopteau, and told me to call him. Even though it took me two years to get up the courage to call, this CD is the result.

The highlight of the CD, for me, is "Daughter of Mine". I was failing miserably as a single father, but after becoming a believer God started changing my heart. I wrote the song for my daughter, Erin. She totally surprised me by asking me if she could sing the song with me. It was one of the most beautiful days of my life as I watched her sing in the studio. Tears were flowing. When I go into prisons that song is the most often requested. Sometimes even the hard core inmates shed a tear.

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Daughter of Mine
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