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I think the best way to know me, is to share a snapshot of my life and what really makes me tick. The other day a friend of mine and I were helping another friend move. My friend's father had just taken a 12 hour bus ride from Monterrey Mexico to be with his son, so he came with us. Daniel told his father, who spoke no English, about the prison ministry I did every weekend. He played his dad the first song off the CD "Sea of Glass". Moments into the song "We Are The People" his father began worshiping God in his own language, weeping and raising his hands in praise. That's why I play music; in hopes that people will encounter God. Whether I'm playing with a few friends or before 500 men in prison, it is my obsession to glorify God through music.

I spent the majority of my life seeking the approval and admiration of "man". I use to believe Christians were weak and Jesus was a crutch to make them feel better. I defined myself by my exotic cars, a big house, how much money I had in the bank. God knows exactly what it will take to turn each of us around. Because I was a "self-made" man of great pride, He had to bring me to my knees,literally, to reach me and transform me. To make a long story short, I unwittingly purchased a house, for myself and my two teenagers, that was occupied by "spirits". My teenagers saw and heard them, but since I didn't believe in that kind of thing, I passed it off to adolescent imaginations. Only after they refused to come home from a visit with their mother did I begin to take them seriously. The "hauntings" were investigated and documented as authentic by a television series called "The Other Side". I ended up selling the house and losing thousands of dollars on it. During this whole episode, a friend of mine began inviting me to her church, saying I had the power to get rid of those spirits, in the name of Jesus. I did go to church with that friend and was saved the first time I walked through the doors. When one of the "evil spirits" appeared to my children and I in our new home, we immediately dropped to our knees in prayer. We witnessed an amazing display of the supernatural as angels appeared on our ceiling and the demons were permanently cast out.

I decided then to sell my business, go to seminary and spend the rest of my life serving God. I hope my music reflects my gratitude to Him for turning my life around, before it was too late. I hope you sense my passion in the music . . .


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